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The CD used was obtained from: which provides a "Minimal CD" from which to install the base Debian Sarge. All other packages are downloaded seperately from the Internet via APT. The "Official netinst images for the "stable" release" was used for the platform i386.

There are several options required when Installing the Base Operating System.

The following options were chosen:
1. Language - English
2. Country - Ireland (Nearest Mirror can then be used)
3. Keyboard - Irish/ English (not sure)
4. Hostname - Choose VERY Wisely - as it was not discovered how to comprehensively change this after Installation.
5. Domain Name - Not Sure - ??
6. Partitioning - Erase Disk
7. All Files in one Partition
8. Finish & Write Changes
9. Install GRUB Boot Loader
10. Choose basic Options
11. Chose Which Software to Install - Deselect All
12. Mail Configuration - Internet Site - or None

-- If Asked for IP Configuration --
I installed using DHCP to begin.
Manually Edited /etc/network/interfaces to disable DHCP and provide manual IP

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