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IRC and IRSSI - Internet Chat (Client)

To startup IRSSI and connect to an IRC server:

irssi -c servername

To list available channels to join - type:

/list ('-yes' may be required)
/join #foobar (joins the foobar channel)
/w (shows who's who)

To type in Actions, e.g. "* steviewdr waves goodbye"

/me message_or_action

To change your Name/Nickname, e.g. steviewdr|gone

/nick steviewdr|gone

To send a Private Message to a person:

/msg steviewdr Hi!

To set a LOG of Discussion:

/log open -targets #channel_name logfilename (puts logfile.. in home dir)

To view Private Messages:

ALT + # No. of Window
/window #no.

To Mark yourself as Away/Back:

/away give_a_reason_here   //marks you as away. You need to give a reason etc. after /away
/away        // /away on its own marks you back. Do a /w to see if your G (gone) or H (active)

To Grant Special Ops etc. to a person:

/mode #channel +v nick

To Close one particular Channel/Window:



/msg nickserv register YOURPASSWORD YOUREMAIL
#more op commands to me.

You will receive a password and/or get emailed a password. Once confirmed, normal login will require you to:

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY password
#and you should be authed and logged in.

Information got from this VERY good page:

Auth, Opers

Some irc commands in irssi won't work. E.g.:

16:59 -!- Irssi: Unknown command: mkpasswd


/quote mkpasswd sha256 test

Also, a community I am part of setup: InspIRCd. To add a username to opers: either edit /usr/local/inspircd/conf/opers.conf or if its setup add it to the MySQL table ircd_opers.

mysql> select * from ircd_opers;
| id | username  | password                                                         | hostname | type     |
|  1 | steviewdr | createthishash as above                                          | *        | GlobalOp |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

Then irc in and go:

/oper steviewdr 
#and you will be prompted for the password.

Cheers daniel.

irssi config

The default irssi config is at /home/user/.irssi/config.

When someone goes:

[#chat] nick: ping
#by default irssi will send a bell and trigger the away log.

To add any keyword as a "hilight":

/hilight nick
/hilight keyword

#Then to save the config directly from irssi go:

FYI, the line it appends to the irssi config is:

hilights = ( { text = "keyword2hilight"; nick = "yes"; word = "yes"; } );
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