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Synergy -> Control a number of Computers with 1 mouse and keyboard


  • Synergy does not currently share graphics or switch displays. 2 Monitors must be used.
  • Synergy is only good for Physical Boxes with their own displays. This software only removes the extra mouse & keyboard.
  • Synergy works over the LAN, on a number of OS's - e.g. Linux, Windows etc.

1. Install of Synergy on Windows - having a Windows Client, and a Windows Server

Download the windows install from ->

Install software on both client and server.

Client Config

O Use another computer's shared keyboard and mouse

Screen Name: synergyservername

Server Config

O Share this computer's keyboard and mouse (server)
          Screens (add):

          Links (add):
                      0 to 100% of the right of synergyclientname goes to 0 to 100% of synergyservername
                      0 to 100% of the right of synergyservername goes to 0 to 100% of synergyclientname
                      i.e.: server is right of client
                            client is right of server

         Screen Name: synergyclientname

It is quite tricky to get synergy setup and working. Without the second Links, the mouse/keyboard will become trapped inside the client. This is why a second link must be added in.

2. Install of Synergy on Linux - having a Linux Client, and a Windows Server

To do -)

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