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TAR - Archive Utility

Tar up specific files or folders:

tar -cvf <destination.tar> files

Tar up all files and folders (full stop implies all):

tar -cvf <destination.tar> .

Once tar'ed up - gzip them:

gzip <destination.tar>

UnTar Files and Folders (be very careful - you dont know where files will untar to!!):

tar -xvf file.tar

List files in a TAR (only works with uncompressed tar's)

tar -tf file.tar

Uncompress a SINGLE file

tar -x exact/file/as/listed_in_tar_file -f file.tar  //should replicate to path as was archived.
tar -x exact/file/as/listed_in_tar_file -f file.tar -O > file_out.txt

Further Information at: http://www.sgr.nada.kth.se/delfi/docs/konto/unix-utrymme.html.en

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