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= CorkScrew - A Tool for Tunnelling SSH over HTTP Proxies etc. =

Situation: You want to ssh (via bash/linux command line) to a computer via a HTTP/Socks Proxy from a computer with NO external access. The SSH command itself is not able to use a proxy in order to access external computers. A tunnelling application called corkscrew is required. Here are the steps involved:

Install corkscrew

Firstly get Corkscew:

Or locally at: mkdir /home/user/corkscrew cd /home/user/corkscrew wget gunzip * tar -xvf cork….

We are going installing corkscrew in the user home directory.

Edit 'configure' and change this line (below) to install it in our home dir.: ac_default_prefix=/home/user/corkscrew/corkscrew-2.0/bin/corkscrew

Then do the following to compile: ./configure make make install

Edit username/.ssh/config

Use the following in ~/.ssh/config ProxyCommand /home/user/corkscrew/corkscrew-2.0/bin/corkscrew Internal_Proxy_Name ProxyPort %h %p

Then simply login with: ssh username@anyexternalcomputer

More info at:

Thanks again to Skynet. This works sweet with Redbrick who dont allow external ssh, and who proxy everything.

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