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Run the following from a linux based operating system (e.g. debian) and accept the defaults.

Note, it may take some time to generate the random information.

 gpg --gen-key

To see all the keys - yours and your friends etc.:

 gpg --list-keys

Example of above:

 pub 1024D/32j38dk2 2001-06-20 you <>
 sub 1024g/289sklj3 2001-06-20 [[expires:|2002-11-14]]
 All the public keys you know are stored in the file:
 pub = Public Key
 Public Key ID (UID) = 32j38dk2

To send your key (public) to a person:

 -o is for a file name (steve)
 -a is for an ascii file
 gpg --export -o steve -a UID

To import a key manually from someone:

 gpg --import filename

Upload Public Key to key server:

 gpg --send-keys --keyserver UID

To edit keys - Typically used for signing keys

(cant change name or comment, only password and expiry)
#UID = See example above

 gpg --edit-key UID

To Search for Keys:

(This Will also allow you to download and include the person)

 gpg --search-key --keyserver stephen burke

To Create a gpg fingerprint so you can PRINT out your Key fingerprint: This allows you to take away to a “Key Signing Party” and sign other keys verifying the person's identity using two forms of id.

 gpg --fingerprint

Add User ID

Adding in a User ID:

 gpg --edit-key UID
 uid n      #Toggles selection of user id with index n. Use 0 to deselect all. 
See the * beside the Current User id. After current ID is selected type:

That should be it. Upload keys with command above.

KeySigning Procedure

See original:

 gpg --search-key --keyserver firstname lastname
 #Send a signed and encrypted email, asking for a signed reply. When a signed reply is obtained, then:
 gpg --ask-cert-level --sign-key UID
 gpg --send-key UID


Extend GPG Expiry

So my gpg key recently expired and I was wondering why pine was giving out to me saying “no default key available”!

There is a great guide at:

Some of the main points:
 gpg --list-keys
 gpg --edit-key UID
 {type} key 0
 #enter new expiry date
 {type} key 1
 #enter new expiry date
 gpg --keyserver --send-keys UID


public key decryption failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device

After updates using gpg via pine threw up the error: gpg: public key decryption failed: Inappropriate ioctl for device The solution is to edit /home/user/.bashrc and add:

 export GPG_TTY=$(tty)

Kudos to:

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