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= Installation =

apt-get install ncftp

= Basic Usage =

:~$ ncftp ncftp> bookmarks #create a new bookmark or connect to current bookmarks

ncftp -u username hostname #You will be prompted then to enter a password

= Settings File = cat ~/.ncftp/bookmarks #This will be where the bookmarks are stored.

To decode a ncftp password

After looking at the above bookmarks file, you will see: bookmarkname,,username,*encoded*Zm9vCg==,,,xxxx,x,x,x,x,xx,xx

#To uncode it, its just base64. At first I wrote a php file with echo base64_decode('ncftpbookmarkpass'); #but there is a quicker way: :~$ openssl base64 -d -in <(echo Zm9vCg==)

#P.S. drop the -d to encode, i.e. :~$ openssl base64 -in <(echo foo)

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