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Suns Java Developer Kit is "non-free" and has to be built for Debian Sarge.

In order to Build, or make the .DEB package for Debian sarge - the following are required to specifically make java packages: apt-get install fakeroot java-package

Fakeroot allows a “non root” user compile the .deb package. This makes sure that making the package doesnt write file to /etc or where ever else it shouldnt.

Java-package is specifically for building java .deb packages.

Note: I had difficulty installing java-package and had to get it manually from debian-packages!!

fakeroot make-jpkg jrepackage_downloaded_from_SUN.bin

Run the above as NON ROOT!! You will have to answer some basic questions - agreeing with the Terms and Conditions.

It should land out a .deb package.

As root: dpkg -i sun-_package_outputted.deb

This should install it ok. It but the files in /usr/lib/j2sdk1.5-sun/

I symlinked java into /usr/bin/java.

That should be it. Other files may have to be symlinked also.

See for More info:

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