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= Wine - Windows Emulator =

Wine is used for running Windows based programs on Linux. Wine is not very stable, and as a result, I strongly suggest you look for a similar program with similar functionality. Do a “apt-cache search program” to search for packages/programs.

Install Wine

apt-get install wine

apt-get install winesetuptk //This is a gui for setting up wine for a user. It sets up a fake_windows main folder etc.

apt-get install wine-utils //This provides tools such as “regedit” which can simply be run as “regedit” from the cmdline to show and allow editing of the emulated Windows registry.

Run a Windows Program/Installer in Wine

wine programinstall.exe

wine notepad.exe

Note wine is not very stable for some programs. There are a list of programs and how well they run on the Wine website at:

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