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mkdir -p /root/xensrc cd /root/xensrc export http_proxy=“” //if required. wget tar -xvzf xen-3.0.2-src.tgz

apt-get remove exim4 exim4-base lpr nfs-common portmap pidentd pcmcia-cs pppoe pppoeconf ppp pppconfig apt-get install iproute bridge-utils python-twisted gcc-3.3 binutils make zlib1g-dev python-dev transfig bzip2 debootstrap libcurl3-dev libncurses5-dev

Xen from source didnt work for me. Either the SATA drivers etc. were not compiled into the build, and an Initial RAM mkinitramfs was required, I was not sure. There was the whole issue regarding udev Versus Hotplug and a list of other stuff which was not documented with Sata drives, especially not ones using RAID.

Again, as Debian Sarge didnt have mkinitramfs, mkinitrd didnt succeed. All routes pointed to either Debian Testing (etch) or Backports where mkinitramfs was provided.

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